This site shows a cross section of different styles and themes I paint; Industrial, People and Abstract Impressionism. Colour and energy being the main connecting factor.  I get ideas about paintings in daily life, faces, settings of people or fascinating man-made structures.  For example, the realistic-style painting on the left is made after a structure I saw in the "Straat Museum" in Amsterdam. A  fantastic combination of colours and shapes.  The small felow in the lower corner is my new signature. When painting portraits I always try to capture the person behind the image .
Painting has been my obsession for many years, see " Images from the past".   Carrying around a camera on our travels, I capture images which I use as inspiration for paintings in the near future, you will find those in the section "Future Ambitions". 
If you like my work,  I would love to get your feedback.   
I sell both the originals as well as high quality printed copies, and I make portraits on commission. 
I hope you enjoy my work ! 
Jan Weber, Maastricht, 2021