Welcome to this site in which I have tried to show you a cross section of the different styles and themes I paint; Industrial, Figurative and Contemporary Impressionism.   The paintings are mostly  made after ordinary scenes I come across in daily life and while travelling.  
`For example, the painting shown on this page is made after a structure  we saw last year in the "Straat Museum" in Amsterdam. A fantastic combination of primary colours and elementary shapes.  Or, as you will see on the Industrial page,  a railroad bridge over the river Maas and  a striking yellow apartment building we saw travelling from Naples to Pompeii. At the moment I am working  on a painting of a simple but yet beautiful purple door in an orange wall I saw in Maastricht, as can be seen on the page "Future ambitions" .   The page "A colourful Life"  shows  works with the characteristics of Contemporary Impressionism; vibrant colours, light and life. Over the years I have painted several portraits on commission, these can be found on the page People on canvas.  The page " Images from the Past will show you the development in my painting style.   
Last but not least, besides being a painter I am also an inventor  and  you can find artistically improved drawings  on the page  "Art of Inventions" using images from my own technical patent drawings. You will see that there is a strong link between inventing and art.                                                                                      
I would like to invite you to come and see my paintings in real life, especially the ones shown on the "Industrial page" , they will be on display at the "Nationale Kunstdagen on November 6th and 7th  in Nieuwegein ( near Utrecht).
If you have a chance to come and visit, you are very welcome!
Both the original paintings  as well as high quality printed reproductions are available for purchase.  Also if you are interested in a portrait painted by me, please get in touch.  
Hope you enjoy my work ! 
Jan Weber, Maastricht, 2021