Among friends

Maastricht  50.856852  5.681378

Oil on canvas | 110 x 110 cm | 2021

€ 1950,- 

Specially picked for you !

Maastricht 50.8615018 | 5.6843639

Oil on canvas |  120 x 100 cm | 2021

€ 1940,-   

Reproduction of "Specially picked for you !  

I was inspired by this very colourful  garage door at an industrial site in Maastricht.  Colours and shapes in perfect balance. The left door in opposite colours compared to the right door and a combination of squares and circles. Plus of course the additional effect of age on the paint.  

Reproduction of the two dolls @ WerkAandeMuur

Carrying water to the river

Maastricht 50.858331 5.698654

Oil on Canvas | 100 x 140 cm | 2020


The view is from the east side of the Maas, facing the paper factory Sappi. The painting "It wasn't me ! " ( shown further down on this page) is part of Sappi as well.  I liked the view because of the many sunlight spots getting through the open structure of the bridge. It was also the first painting where I added a stickman figure. 

Who is afraid of Naples Yellow ?


Oil on Canvas 130 x 100 cm |  2021

40.808301  14.355888


Reproductions available @ WerkAandeMuur

This an apartment building along the train line from Naples to Pompeii. The building is in terrible shape,but the color yellow is really impressive.  It was difficult to get the right photo with enough detail and without reflection. I added the photo below to show how it combines with our interior. We were afraid that the color would mismatch with everything else,  but the opposite is true. 

Hold on to your hat!

Ringkobing fjord, Denmark  55.993225 8.201494

Oil on canvas | 100 x 100 cm | 2021 

€ 1700,-  

This is a view from a boat we took in the Ringkobing fjord. There are about six of these massive wind mills in the fjord, each having a height of about 140 meter.  It is always a challenge to hit the right various blue colours in the Danish sky, but I am quite pleased with the outcome. 

Don't want to get my feet wet 

Scheveningen 52.116477 4.281537

Oil on canvas | 120 x 120 cm | 2021

€ 2200,-  

A viewfrom underneath the "Pier van Scheveningen ", facing North. The Pier is supported by numerous of this steel support beams each having their own color. 

Causing trouble

Amsterdam 52.402920 4.894511

Olie on cavas | 120 x 100 cm | 2021

€ 1950,-  

Reproductions available @  WerkAandeMuur 

The "STRAAT museum " in Amsterdam is spectacular.  All the way in the back of the left building you will find these pipes hanging on the wall. 

It wasn't me ! 

Maastricht  50.8566026 5.693544

Oil on Canvas | 70 x 70 cm | 2021

€ 1050,- 

Reproductions @  WerkAandeMuur

The reflection in the upper windows  was truly spectacular. A beautiful building.  Originally a monastery a few centuries back. The reflection in the top windows of the left building is due to silver foil being placed behind these windows. 

Going underground

Berlin 52.510711 13.295413

Oil on canvas | 100 x 120 cm | 2020

€ 1950,-

The U-bahn station in Berlin, Sophie Charlotte Platz, has unique posters on the wall,  as you can see here.  The brownish\ pink colours are in sharp contrast with the sharp blue colours you will see in the paintings shown above. 

Espresso Faema

Binaso, Italy 45.336001 9.097608

Oil on canvas | 70 x 90 cm | 2019

€ 1250,- 

The first time using quasi stickman figures. 

This is a very old machine from 1952.  I contacted the Faema museum in Italy to get details about the correct text.