Why reproductions ? 

Oil paintings are unique pieces, there is only of each, and they have a fixed size.  But sometimes , a different size is needed or a different material. To hang an oil painting in a kitchen or a bathroom, or outside in the garden  is not optimal, it is better in those cases to use prints on steel or glass.  As such, I also offer reproductions of most of my works via the website of WerkAandeMuur.  There is a huge range of materials and sizes one can order. For example from small, 35cm by 40 cm, to large prints over 200 cm square. to even room size wall paper. Reproductions can be ordered on steel, paper, behind glass, on wood, ....    And price wise, these reproductions are more affordable than the original, but then of course there is only one unique original. 

I have had made very high quality scans of  the paintings using a professional company and after this the scans have been minutely processed in order to remove potential visible flaws ( dust particles for example ).   These files are used to make the reproductions. You order reproductions directly at WerkAandeMuur , I will receive a percentage of the price of the reproduction.  My gratitude in advance, I hope you enjoy the work. 

Below you can find some examples. The two stick figures, here shown with  a width of 1.5 meter, is in reality a part of the painting  " Specially picked for you" . This scenery in itself is worthy of a place at centre stage so I had it scanned by itself.  The image of Naples  is a reproduction on wall paper , you will wake up feeling happy!

As said, for each painting you will find a link to WerkAanDeMuur directly besides the painting and you can choose among the many possibilities on that site. Please contact me with any questions you might have and enjoy.