Art and Inventing; both have the same origin,  imagination.  Artists and inventors both want to create something new and unique , something that never existed before. Besides being an aspiring painter I have also been a professional inventor for many years.  If you are interested in what I have invented, this link will get you to a list of about 3036 pages with all kind of ideas and especilly all kind of fantastic drawings.  Technical drawings explaining inventions do have an artistic and straightforward beauty.  They are minimalistic with just enough detail to understand the concept. I have used some of the drawings out of my own inventions to create the graphical art as shown below. Signed limited reproductions, printed on museum quality paper, are available. 


 A puncture sealing device for the large arteries in the leg after a TAVI procedure.

US 10,376,254

A cold water expelling balloon to determine the blood flow rates in coronary arteries.    Patent US10,716,482

A heart valve repair system to treat tricuspid regurgitation.

US 10,806,579

 Quickly thaw stem cells using Curie-magnetic particles in a solution.

US 202/0068876

 A glass impeller as part of a high speed implantable aortic blood pump 

PatentUS 2021\0060223

A crimper to an absolute precise end shape. 

US 8,516,871

An implantable multiple pump for inflatable penile prothesis

US 20190350712

A spiral to create a vortex in the inlet of an implantable  blood support pump . 

US 2021/0046231

A self centralising cutting system to repair heart valves.

US 2013/0116715

A light diffusing balloon to illuminate the rectum during haemorrhoid treatment .

US 2021/ 0022595

An interactive electronic tattoo   

US 2019/0151640

A micro pattern on the inside of implantable stents to enhance cell growth.

US 2016/0287416